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8th-Sep-2011 02:06 pm - CLAMP drawing
Here's a cleaned up version of the new drawing CLAMP did of Saber from the Fate game series. 
This is the original image thanks to chibiyuuto

And here's my cleaned up version :)

23rd-Mar-2009 11:07 am - Yuuko's power circle
 Here is a more detailed, clearer version of Yuuko's power circle.

1st-Oct-2008 01:27 pm - Cleaned version of xxxHolic splash




28th-Sep-2008 05:22 pm - New background image
Banner image of CLAMP Fandom Newsletter layout ^_^

10th-Sep-2008 04:48 pm - More cleaned up CLAMP images
These were multiple page images that I put together and attempted to clean up.  Some are better than others, but all of them took me a really long time.  So here they are, enjoy.

3 piece xxxHolic Kei DVD vol 3 Drama CD scan originally uploaded by (</b></a>nokiirat)

27th-Jul-2007 11:37 pm - My trip to Tokyo Disney Sea

Some photos of Tokyo Disney!

The monorail 

 Ooooo soooo cooool


Look at all the Mickey and Stitch yummies!











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